Marlin or Marlin2

Hi! I hope anyone out there can tell me if my SV05 has Marlin or Marlin2 as its firmware. I havn´t been able to find the answer anywhere so I don´t know which Marlin to choose when I set up the printer in my slicer. I´m wondering about this so I don´t miss out on some functions or something if I choose the wrong Marlin.
I am no expert (yet :-)) on 3D-printing so I´m really hoping for an answer.
Best regards

What version of firmware are you running v1 or v2? That should determine what you select in slicer. Tbh, it does not matter that much from what I have seen in the past I have not noticed a difference in prints.

Hi! Thank you for your answer.
I kept searching and have been able to find out that my printer has Marlin 2 so it seems obvious what I should set my slicer to :-). It will be interesting to see if I find something that differs from the Marlin1-settings…
Once again, thanks for your help