Limit switchs not working Ender 3 V2

Hi, (i am french sorry for my english)
I bought a SOVOL motherboard to replace my motherboard in my creality ender 3 v2 (4.2.2 8 bit). I have a huge problem, limit switch do not work, they do not react and the motors are not stopped. I specify that I have a Bltouch for the Z. My sovol motherboard is an SV_NL_V1.3.1, I have until tomorrow to find a solution otherwise I will send it back (Amazon). I saw that there was a switch for the limit switch on the card and that it had to be put on OFF before wiring but it is not clear for me who is French-speaking. Thanks for any help you can give me.

The Sovol’s do not use limit switches…send your board back & by a Creality board.

The mainboard withs limit switch connectors

Sensorless homing, again…no physical switches.

Try and find a pic of an SV06 with a limit switch.

However, I understand why the connectors are on the card and the firmware is that of creality which is installed on this card. It should work. The BLtouch works. I’m going to send the card back anyway. THANKS.

The SV06 is the 1st board they designed….it is not by Creality like users first assumed before the printer was released. It uses a Sovol custom firmware that was specific for that board. Once Sovol released the source code to GitHub, it could then be modified.