Laser module PWM

Aovol Laser 5W/40W module not working with PWM. Allways on full power.
PWM works according to setting of “M106 Sxxx” G-code command.
Anyone have a tip or clue wats wrong

Hello Flegge.
Hello, power power line, pwm is a signal line (used to control the output power of the laser head when laser engraving), the printer installed laser head is to rely on the fan to control the laser power, only connect the laser power interface can be used without pwm.
Marlin control controllable fan signal to control the laser, after changing the fan speed on the screen is invalid, can not change the laser power. Through the fan control, the power can only be 100%, that is, you can not adjust the power, only the speed of engraving.
But you can use the laser box with the laser and printer together, so you can control the power, and engrave more types and better quality
Thank you
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Sovol Team