KAMP added to the OSS Klipper configuration

KAMP (Klipper Adaptive Meshing & Purging) added to OSSKC.

Works on:

  • SV06
  • SV06 Plus
  • SV06 SKR-MINI-E3-V3.0
  • Any printer out there.

Enjoy! :grinning:

Nice! Was just thinking that I needed to look into updating my install, now I have a reason to learn how! :slight_smile:

I’ve uncommented all 4 options in KAMP_Settings.cfg and only Adaptive Meshing seems to work. Adaptive Meshing was working previously, so it doesn’t look like much has changed?

This post was to get this forum caught up with the OSS progress. Moreover, latest changes from the KAMP repo were added to the OSS repo very recently.

KAMP won’t just start working by uncommenting those kamp files, you have to make it work. Currently, only adaptive meshing and line purge work ‘right out of the box’, and that will likely always be the case; impossible to accommodate all users and use cases.

Gotcha! I was already ahead and had adaptive meshing working


Forgot to mention, there a discussion on the repo about how to update.

Are you a Plus user? I need someone to try out minor adjustments to the mesh section, should create a slightly larger mesh/better mesh. Interested in testing?

Yep, used that to update, although I’m a git noob. Updated successfully.

Would love to test the changes!

Good for you! Being able to do a git merge is a useful skill, opens up a whole new set of possibilities.

It’s a minor improvement. It will create a mesh that covers more of the build plate, leading to a larger mesh. I would have done this long ago but I don’t own a Plus, so development on that branch is also slower and harder.

  1. If you can please replace your bed_mesh section with the following:
speed: 175
mesh_min: 27, 6
mesh_max: 299, 280
probe_count: 7, 7
algorithm: bicubic
fade_start: 1
fade_end: 10
fade_target: 0
  1. Save and restart.
  2. Create a new mesh and save it.
  3. Please paste the new printer.cfg (which now holds the new mesh) on https://pastebin.com/, you do not have to create an account.


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Really appreciate this! Looks like my changes worked!

I’m going to push this to the official branch. Will post in this thread when that happens, and you can practice updating with git :rofl:.

Like I said, it’s a minor change, but to a nerd like me, an important one.

Pushed to production.

Thanks again @ijaaz! You and another user who helped are mentioned in this commit.

My pleasure! Glad I could help!

I’d love to use KAMP, but unsure how to implement with the KlipperScreen Sovol sells.

Create a discussion on the repo.