Issues Going from Creality to Orca slicer

I have just switched to orca slicer with my SV04 and am having some strange artifacts.
I was not experiencing this before the switch but I almost expected this, for I increased the speed a bit.
I think hat this is under extrusion because on the outer shell, there is occasionally zebra striped gaps in the wall. I will update with pictures later.
Just some guidance would be helpful.

Thank you!

Sorry but with no more information, it will be difficult to help you.

I could take screenshots of my settings.
Should I screenshots of all of them or just some?
I currently don’t have a good enough camera to show the artifacts on the print.
I will also be away from my slicing computer today and will try to get back to any replies at the end of the day.

Not all but almost of all :

  • Speeds
  • Temperatures
  • Retraction

These are pictures of the artifacts on the prints:

And these are the settings:
Screenshot 2023-10-18 181439

I’m not on my PC but on my smartphone
It’s why I can’t see the artifacts correctly.
I’ll take a look later.
However, in your settings, it seems to me the speed is much too fast for this printer.
The retraction also seems too important to me. For the temperature, if it’s PETG it’s correct, if it’s PLA, it’s much too hot.

Those temps are for PETG.
I have had success with the speeds on small models.
I was trying to find the fastest print speed.
What would you suggest for a speed the printer can handle?

Thank you!

I don’t use orca slicer so I’ll give you later my IdeaMaker settings.
Otherwise you can use the settings of the stock Cura Sovol

What might cause this under extrusion shown in the previous images?
This is the first time I’ve seen this on my printers.

There are several reasons for under-extrusion:

  • wet filament,
  • printing speed too fast,
  • nozzle clogged,
  • temperature too low,
  • flow rate too low,

You will have to test each of those settings one after the other until you find the good one.

Start by drying the filament.
Then, if that has not changed, clean the nozzle, reduce the speed and finally increase the flow a little in steps of 5%.
I think the temperature is good.

Also, one last question: Can the firmware accept g2 and g3 commands on he SV04?

With almost any slicer you can use the spiralize outer contour mode.

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