Considering Klipper screen

So I’ve had my SV06 Plus since about the time they came out. It’s always been a hit or miss printer for me. sometimes I get some pretty good stuff out of it and other times I get issues.
Just wondering if anybody has an opinion as to whether getting the klipper screen upgrade for this printer drastically improves reliability.

First off, Try a better Slicer if you haven’t yet,


Go here and Scroll to the bottom of page and download
OrcaSlicer_Windows_Installer_1.8.1 exe

1- During the install process select the “SV06+ Profile” when ask-

2- Just keep Filament Selection the same

3- You don’t need “Bambu Network Plugin” so un-check that part… that way you don’t need an Account either (you can always change this later on)

That’s it you should be good to go-

Orca Slicer- is a just far better slicer at the moment… it produces extremely good prints even on crappy filaments- And the Profiles are ready to print, just double check the Nozzle temperature (195degs/200deg) and Bed temperature (40deg Gluestick / to 60degs) and that’s it, the printing speed is set slower other slicers but just leave this for while and enjoy some nice prints-

One thing to check is the “Overhang Speed” increase it to- 25mm/sec- it was set way to slow last time i installed it not sure if they fix it yet-.

Anyway just killing some time, All the Best

here’s a link to a test object, one of best all rounders-.

The screen is awesome and Klipper makes this printer so much better.

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