I will chime cash to someone who can help ... z wont home sv03 !please

ok so if someone can help i am happy to pay…sv03 it worked fine and has only been used a few times and worked great . then i stopped a print but never aborted it and shut printer off …now it acts funny …x and y auto home , z just flashes with ?? on lcd , if i go to level corners it says homing xyz on lcd and just stays like that until i power it off. the z axis stays about 9 inches up and does not lower , the bl touch sensor blinks always , probe test does not work …i have tried a bunch of gcode commands on cura and nothing …i am not good at thi and have been trying so hard but at this point if someone can help i would appreciate it or i will have to sell it …thank you lenny … you can text me incase i dont receive msg from the forum because i just signed up 272 788 1429