How to print the last layer much nicer?

can i somehow force the printer to print the last layer much smoother than it does at the moment? it seems to just end it as the last layer of the whole infill part, but it is very rough and does not even look very good at all

You have to “enable ironing” in your slicer settings.

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ok thanks, but are there some detailed/simple guides for this(sv06) also somewhere and how can i back up some of the cura profiles that i have made? it doesnt seem to know which profiles i want to reset and which ones to keep lol…
and some “monotonic” ironing could also be an option in there?

Simple guide => User Guide that came with your printer
More details => Search “cura 4.8 guide”

Profiles can be duplicated in the preferences menu.
Alternatively, cura settings are stored in the configuration folder structure accessible via the help menu

i mean the ironing guides… like how to avoid big lines and stuff…
and what could be wrong with the printer, if the object keeps tilting to the left after printing? like all layers are gradually moving upwards and left a bit at the same time

Propably you will not find any guides dedicated to single features of your slicer, but the are lots of explanations of slicer features. Ironing prints the top layers with minimum flow rate iot get a plain surface when enabled.
Finding out what went wrong with your printed object is a bit difficult without information like pictures & slicer settings…

this is not even the last layer at all, but rather all of them(in the video), so how does this look like an actual part, not some random lines squeezed together or is it just the fault of the white material that doesnt show that many details, or is it actually a better printer that prints better looking parts too?