How to lube my first SV06 plus?

Hello, i recently became a SV06 Plus owner and i saw a video that i need to grease it to reduce the horrible noise. In video the guy is using a Superlube PTFE, which i dont have here, so i order an italian lube with (i though) same description " synthetic lube with ptfe" from CAMP, but this one is almost yellow, or cream color, but also cream texture, it not like the superlube. My question is will it works as good as superlube and does it really mater ? also i had a tube of lube in my sovol tool box when i recieve it (which is transparetn) that i can maybe use too, what would be your recommendation please ?

(i never did that in my life, so i would start by doing the right thing) Thanks!

Most users will say use grease,myself…I use sewing machine oil.
You won’t see the color if you do it right, just follow the video.