Heat bed cable getting caught on the Y-axis motor

My SV03 heat bed cable is getting caught between the heat bed and the y-axis motor. Anyone got a fix for this as I don’t want the wires to rub and cause a fire.

hi @Clarry76 Sorry to read about the trouble.

Doing the following things might help you sort things out

  • Adjust the leveling nut to raise the hotbed plate and try to see if it can be taken out

  • Remove the motor, take out the line and then put the motor back in

If the heat bed cable is not hard-wired at the motherboard case, I would attempt to route the cable under the cross extrusion bar and then to the bed. I would make sure there is enough wire that it won’t be bound up when the bed is all the way forward. My SV04 can easily be disconnected, but I am not sure about your SV03

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Thankyou for the replies, it’s not actually stuck but gets caught when the bed moves all the way back. A person on reddit gave me this link. bed cable organizer I printed it and it works like a charm. Hope it helps other SV03 users. Such a shame you pay good money for an item, then have to use that item to make a mod so it can work correctly.