Flexible print surface

Sooooo, I have said before that the pei sheet that ships with this printer is junk… I have talked with the founder of Wambam who told me if they can get 40 requests they will created build surfaces for the sv07 plus, which would include the sv06 plus. Please drop them an email at tech.director@whambamsystems.com.

If you don’t know who Wambam is, they manufacture carbon steel flexible build sheets for 3d printers that are the best I have ever used . Very durable, and resurfaceable!

Ok, i thought there was something wrong with PEI Coat on my SV06+, Since a lot of people yell at you for using a gluestick with them, but it’s the only way i can get prints to stick properly-. (i thought people were just over-hyping how good PEI Plates are)

Anyway i checked at Sovol3d.com for there SV06+ PEI Flexible steel Build Plates there 310mm x320mm and and found this comment -

  1. The SV06 Plus PEI plate is also applicable with Sovol SV04, Creality Ender-3 Max, Ender-3 Max NEO, CR-10 V2, CR-10S Pro, CR-10S Pro V2, and CR-X.

So i went to Wambam and found there-.
Powder Painted PEI Flexi Plate - 320 x 310 For Creality CR-10S Pro, CR-10S Pro V2 & V3, CR-X

So it should fit ok, you just have take the 2 set-screws off the Back of the of Sovol SV06+ Since there only function on the SV06+ is to make putting the Plate easier (not sure what there purpose is on the SV07+ ?) you can get the Angle Grinder out and cut 2 Notches at the back of the Plate if you want to keep the set-screws, it’s high chromium spring steel 0.4mm thick so that’s not bad, spring steel is a bitch to cut and you can’t over heat it or it will lose it’s Spring-

Anyway just my 2c worth-, not totally sure this will work but have included links so you check it out to see if will work-.

and thanks for letting us know it’s not just me having Problems with the PEI Coating

All the Best-.

Here is the Wambam link to the Plate

Here is the Sovol link to the Plate

I have seen other plates that would fit, however the screws are important to me, my printer is in an enclosure. I could dermal it, or take it to work and mill it on a manual end mill, but I’m lazy and I would rather print the projects I’m getting paid to print rather than tinker with the printer…