Filament replacing problem

When I try to replace the filament, I try to pull out the old one and it stuck in the printer head. Please advise the easy way to remove the stuck filament.
Thank you.

Basic question, have you heated the print head to ~200C before trying to remove the old filament? This is necessary in order for the plastic to not be “glued” to the print head.

yes, I heated up to 200 deg before trying to remove the plastic.

one piece of plastic filament stuck inside at the beginning of two gears. I could not take it out

I would try raising the temperature to 220C, maybe even 230C, and then use a pair of needle nose pliers to pull the piece out. I had a clog and had to raise the temperature high enough to almost burn it out to clear the plug.

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I try to use tweezer but could not take it out. the piece of filament is inside the hole below the gear. What else can I do ?
Thank for your help.

I finally removed the piece out but in the process of taking it apart, I loss the tightening knob on the floor and could not find it. where can I get this part to replace?

Thank you.