Extruder e steps inconsistent SV06

Hi all. I’m fighting an initial layer adhesion problem on my SV06. If I do prints with a small footprint all is fine, anything bigger than about 70mm and the initial layer is noticably less ‘squished’ on the right hand side than on the left. The auto z align, z offset and bed levelling all seem to set and save ok. The lowest mesh measurements shown when doing the bed level is 3.71mm which is at the right back and the highest is 4.11mm is at the left front,so the bed is wonky, but the printer is accounting for this because the Z steppers can be seen moving slightly when printing.

Today, however I’ve noticed something weird. I thought I’d recheck the extruder e-steps, I have previously adjusted the e-steps, and had it set to within 0.5mm or so when I asked it to move 5 lots of 10mm (50mm), that setting was still fine. But if I ask it to move 5 lots of 1mm it actually extrudes 15mm!

I am a patient guy, but this thing is really getting my goat.

Cheers for any input

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Can’t help you on this but same problem for me and many others with the mesh levelling not working properly even if it does “something” it is not doing it right.

Sovol has to provide a fix, please.

But if I ask it to move 5 lots of 1mm it actually extrudes 15mm!

@Borla So if you ask it to extrude 1mm, it extrudes 3mm?

Never checked 1mm, I was trying petg for the first time and didn’t know if the extrude e-steps change with different filaments and/or extruder temperatures.

You don’t need to calibrate e-steps for each filament. You do need to check flow rate for each filament, however.

Back on topic: I’m not quite sure what issue you’re having. Are you able to extrude exactly 100mm, for example? Or 20mm? That’s the whole point of esteps calibration. Here’s a video showing you esteps calibration process. How TO Calibrate The Esteps On A Direct Drive Extruder The EASY Way! - YouTube

Sorry, I don’t follow precisely what issue you’re having.

Hi, thanks for input. The e-steps for filament anomaly isn’t causing any issues, I just wondered if anyone else had seen the same thing. The question I asked was based around problems I was having getting my prints initial layer to stick to the bed. I was just checking filament flow was correct to rule that out. Cheers anywho

Could you pls try to do the leveling following this video?

If the previous situation still occurs after leveling, it may be that the x-axis is tilted. You can refer to the video of sv01 to adjust the x-axis to adjust the sv06 x-axis