Color of Sovol

Can someone please tell me what this blue color is at sovol? RAL number?

It’s not a turquoise
rather light blue

Sovol currently has no more filament available.

If anyone knows of a source for this color, PLA+ or PETG?

It most closely matches Pantone PMS 2218C non-coated.


Google says Pantone PMS 2218C 0 RAL 660-1

Thank you.
If i find a filament i will post it here :slight_smile:

Edit: The filament that would fit in my opinion would be that Devil Design PET-G blue

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I don’t think the filament manufacturers follow RAL colors or PMS. They tend to say it’s blue, but depending on how the monitor is set, it can also be green or gray.

I ordered the Devil Design PET-G blue. When it is there I can report whether it was the right Sovol color or not.:grinning:

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Unfortunately it is not the right color :unamused:
But it prints very well.

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Is it a pretty close match? Good enough for me to make the Ikea enclosure brackets with it?

it fits quite well. But Svol has a little bit of green in it and it doesn’t quite fit there

A decently close color match IMO is the Electrolytic Deuterium color from Fusion Filaments, but unfortunately they only sell it in ABS so you would likely need an enclosure to print anything using it.

Yes, it could be that this color is the right one. Why doesn’t Sovol get in touch and write what color that is?

Is this also available in PETG or PLA?


Sovol is in vacation until 29th of January.
Maybe they will answer once they will be back.

I prefer PETG.
PLA is often very brittle. PETG costs the same as good PLA.

With cheap PLA, the quality suffers. Sometimes it helps to dry the roll. But sometimes it is questionable what kind of PLA I bought there.

ASA I’ve already printed a part without housing. Is usually a bit more expensive than PETG but prints very well.

With TPU Flex, the task is to thread it in without getting caught in the E motor.
Once it’s in the right place, it usually works.

Thank you for this information.

The color is only available in ABS.

hi! @Ratman @TazzyTazzy It’s PB07. Hope it helps:)

what is PB07? No it doesn’t help. :grinning:

hi @Ratman After reading the color based on RGB from a physical model with the help of Photoshop, and converting it into RAL, the result turns out to be RAL 5012, namely RGB 46, 140, 220. Let me know if this is what you’ve been looking for :crossed_fingers: