Blank Display Screen


I was cleaning my extruder because I had a failed print so I was using a wire brush to lightly brush off any plastic residue that accumulated onto the heat block. After I finished brushing off the residual plastic I cooled the nozzle back down and turned off my printer. When I started it back up I am only seeing a blank screen.

I have checked both ends of the ribbon cable and tried updating the firmware on my sd card with no luck restoring the display. Any tips on getting my printer back in working order?

If you have Cura, try pluging into the micro usb port and printing directly from Cura using the Monitor screen. If this works, you can at least determine that the board is okay and narrow your issue to your display or at least that part of the board.

I’m not certain what could have caused your issue from what yo described. Does the display light up at all? If not, then there is an issue with it getting power. Since the display has a lot of the electronics opened, it might be possible that it was damaged due to a static shock if you accidentally touched some part of it.

In any case, you should be able to control the printer and print without the display, and then get a replacement if that is in fact your issue.