Best Retraction Settings for standard PLA

I’ve had pretty good success with my SV06 to date. PLA, PLA+, PETG, and TPU have all been successfully printed.

However, I’m now in the process of fine tuning my settings and the two that allude me are the Retraction (and deretraction) and Z Hop values. I’ve seen Youtubers using tiny retraction values of .2 mm and others hitting as high as 6 mm. Then the retraction speeds are wandering from 15 mm to 50 mm.

I’m using the current Prusa Slicer and I’m hoping that someone else with teh SV06 has sorted the retraction settings and is willing to share.


I’m using .8mm retraction/detraction @ 35mm/s. That works pretty great for me with PLA/PLA+ and mostly PETG.

The only issues I’ve had are sometimes I can get a very, very fine stringing so it’s not perfect, but, it rarely shows up for the models I print. It’s such a fine little string that a quick blast from hot air gun makes it disappear though. PETG does string worse, but that’s apparently pretty common anyway so I haven’t tried to tune that specific type. I did turn retraction off totally for TPU - that one was giving me trouble and for the prints I needed, it wasn’t worth messing with (I didn’t have any stringing anyway on those).

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