Bad layers

Hello everybody,

I got my SVO6 in the end of January and since then i have this problem. My prints are looking like this when the lines are not straight. And the start of a layer is sometimes lacking of material.

It’s my first time printing with PETG. But I have the same problems withs PLA.

I lubed every bearing when i got the printer and adjusted the steps of every motor.
I’m using Cura right now and tried different settings.
I also worked with different belt tensions But nothing worked so far.

That’s with PLA.

It looks like under extrusion.
Did you set the retraction distance to 0.5 & retraction speed to 40.0…??
Also it could be cause by using too low of a nozzle temp.
PLA: 210*-215*
PETG: 235*-240*