Add USB camera, is it possible?

This might sound like a really stupid question (because it probably is)…

Does anyone know if you can plug a USB webcam into the control pad and show the stream through the web interface?

I can see that there is a section for camera in the settings but it doesnt explain a whole lot…


I just stumbled across this article.

Awesome. Cant believe I didnt see the response 3 weeks ago.

This worked perfectly for me.


Is there another link to those instructions? It keeps coming up page not found.

Why oh why would they remove that?

It was a great article.

@sovol3d can you reinstate the article?


until they restore it you can still find the article on the web archive

Are there any requirements features or compatibility the camera should have, like Linux or something or would every kind of usb webcam work well?

On my last SV07+ before I had to exchange it due to issues, I simply chose a good webcam from Amazon. It worked flawlessly!


and was it plug and play? So only connect to Klipper pad via usb and in klipper user interface just add camera?

If so, is there a link to the amazon product site?

Or will i have to make some Software modification?

Unfortunately i am not familiar with kind of linux codes etc

Best regards

Definitely not plug and play. You do have to SSH into the box and have to add some software there. Once that is done, it’s plug and play. Sovol does have a site that details how to install the support software on the printer however. This is what I followed:

How to use external camera on SV07 | Sovol3d BLOG blog (


FWIW, with the latest SW on the SV07+, which is:

mks@mkspi:~$ cat ~/.DebVersion
 Version: 1.0.8-07P

I only had to add the camera in the web interface (fluidd) and then reboot the controller (“KlipperScreen” if you will). The necessary software (ustreamer, crowsnest, ++) was already installed.