Why are my questions being deleted or not showing up

I typed a lengthy question about firmware confussion and it is not posted here at all. Why? I kindas need to know where I can aquire the correct firmware because you fiormware section in documents section is severly lsacking. I am not corecting my spelling because your app for typing always kicks me out bedfore I can finish typing, especially when I try to correct and edit. Hard to beleive the people at Sovol arnt aware of this. In fact I am suspicioous that this is done on purpose to discourage any meaning discussion or solving problems with their printers, which are many in my case. I wrote here two weeks ago and so far only a bot has replied. Lets see if this message stands. Ill also copy and take a screen shot and post it to all relevent 3 rd party websites that sell or mention Sovol just so we have a record of my input and any funny business sovol tries to pull by not letting my post stand.

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