Welcome to Sovol Forum!

Welcome to join Sovol Official Forum, you can talk about FDM 3d printing, Resin 3d printing, sovol 3d printers, accessories, firmware, tips, issues, get help or share your experience. Enjoy 3d printing~


Thank you for accepting me in the forum, I have no experience, but I would be delighted to see the opinions and evaluations of all

Great idea this forum, i can use all the tips i can get.

Fantastic lets do this

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Thank you! We will improve and promote our forum to let more people know it!

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Definitely, we will let more people join!

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You are welcome! Thanks for joining in ! :smiley:

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Hi all, I think this is a great idea, looking forward to contributing.

I’m planning on starting a topic on spare parts for printers.

Thank you.
Now we restart this forum. If you are interested to start a topic, this will be the best time.

Awesome forum! I have learned so much I. The short time I have been here and I’m stoked to learn more!

you are right, happy to be the part of this community