What's the best way to feed filament through the filament runout detectors?

I have my printer set up and it’s printing great, the only issue is I can’t seem to feed filament through the filament runout detectors no matter how I cut it or push it. I can push it far enough down in to get the blue light to trigger, but not all the way through. I know it’s possible to push something all the way through because I tried it with a very thin nozzle cleaner but I can’t seem to do it with 1.75 mm filament (the default filament that came with the printer too).

Right now I just have a piece of PLA cut off and stick in the top of the sensor so the blue light is on and I can print, but this obviously isn’t ideal. Is there a trick to getting the filament to feed all the way through the sensor properly?

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Hello Sunden, I can’t offer you a definite solution to your problem but here are some ideas. I have had exactly the same problem and to be honest with you I got so fed up with it that I abandoned the original Sovol one and built a new one that works in a different way. I am sure that you will have done this already, but try cutting the fillament at an angle so it has a bit of a point on it. One trick that did seem t work is to twist the fillament so that its curvature is in the opposite direction to the natural curvature. Its also worth taking the detector apart and looking at it so you can understand how it actually works. You should be able to see where it is jamming up.
I hope this helps.