What type of data card fits the ports on SV01 Pro?

The data ports on the front of my new SV01 Pro do not fit SD, micro SD (TF) cards, or USB 2.0 cables / memory sticks I have. What do they fit? can I use an adapter cable for USB 2.0 to whatever the port socket on the right of the front panel is? an Amazon cable part number or link would be great. Thanks cnr6400

They are microSD and microUSB. Are you trying to plug in in the right direction? E.g. The microSD card is upside down.

Hi Atroz, thanks for your reply. I found the issue with why micro SD card did not fit in the socket - the socket had an aluminum chip, like from drilling a hole, jammed in the socket. There were a few of these chips in the packing box too. Once I got that out, the micro SD card fits OK.

As to the micro USB socket, I have tried a couple of different cables that are labeled micro USB but have different shapes, and neither cable fits. Do you know of a particular cable that fits? if you have a supplier or part number for such a cable I’d like that info so I can buy one. Thanks again! cnr6400

Sorry, I just grabbed one (microUSB) from my drawer and it worked. No idea of who made it, etc. Actually, I think I started with a straight one then switched to a 90º one. Doesn’t seem to be anything special.

Thanks very much for your replies. It is appreciated! Cheers cnr6400