What does the home position look like?

My home position looks strange. Also my z axis offset does not work, I put the paper under the nozzle and it just stayed where it was not up or down movement? perplexed I just set it up and am very frustrated.


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On my sv06 i have to do the home position in the bed leveling menu 2 or 3 times before i can accualy change the z offset it is somewhere between -1.2 to -1.9 on my sv06

manually move the extruder to x0, y0, (there shouldn’t be any resistance) then move the bed cable out of the base square on your printer, it’s in the way and it’s causing the error. Also your prob z is moving it’s just hard to see, or you have some setting on there forcing it to be at .2mm. Go into settings and make the prob z offset 0 then adjust it on the heads up display on the printer.