What do you like better resin or fdm printing

Please explain why I am curious on everyone’s opinions


I love my FDM and I am waiting my resin
both are great and each is for different methods

i have FDM and Resin i love them all but it depends on what it is you are printing if i am printing miniatures or even certain functional parts ill go resin if its large cosplay type stuff ill mainly use FDM so it really depends on the use and purpose

I only have an FDM printer for now. The price of resin printers has dropped a lot recently, and I’m quite interested (in printing small models, too), but it all seems very cumbersome/messy for me. :smiley:

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FDM. not as much clean up TIME TIME

FDM, Resine is a dirty stinky thing

FMD is useful. The resin is only suitable for the precision model. This means you can only put it somewhere to view. And the resin contains toxicity, long-term exposure is harmful to human health.
PLA is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly material. It will eventually turn into water and carbon dioxide.