Discovered IIID Max filament

Disclosure - these are my personal findings and opinions, I’ve not received any items for free or any compensation from any manufacturers for my tests.

I’m now 3 months into my SV06 experience and one thing that I’ve been doing is testing various filament manufacturers’ products. For my real-world, non-test printing, I’ve settled on PLA+ and PETG. I’m not going to list all of the myriad brands I’ve tried, but I will share that the filament from SUNLU and IIID Max have been the most consistent. And, since IIID Max is made in the USA, offers free shipping, and ships immediately on order, they have become my go-to for filament moving forward.

One thing that also drives me toward IIID Max is that the makeup of their filaments don’t appear to shift from color to color. Of course, my function prints are usually gray or black, but I’ve ordered and tested many colors (their 10 pack deals are fantastic - $11.90 per Kg for PLA+) with no changes required in my settings. With the SUNLU and most other brands, I had to create separate filament definitions to get consistent prints. Not so with the IIID Max filaments - at least for PLA+ and PETG. I’ve just ordered a 3 pack of their Xtreme PLA with nanodiamonds and look forward to the results with that product.

If you’re still looking for a solid, consistent filament source, I can readily recommend IIID Max.

Here’s a good staring link for their products:

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I’m also giving their Nano-Diamondized nozzles a shot on my SV06. A little pricey compared to AliExpress, but I’ve destroyed 3 of the cheap nozzles in less than 20 hours of print time each.

Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve never heard of that brand, but plan to order some next time I need to stock up. I’ve had good luck with SUNLU myself as well as Overture, Polymaker, and Inland (mostly PLA, but a few PETG). I’ve used one spool of Creality Ender PLA+ and it’s actually been one of my favorites so far. I haven’t had to tune anything for any of my PLA/PLA+ prints, but I’m also using PrusaSlicer w/ Prusa’s default profiles for everything. So far, the only filament that really needed any fiddling was Silk PLA from a couple of different brands.

My older machines all used 3mm filament and I used to buy it from Ultimachine (also US based), but their prices are way less competitive now than they were and their color selection hasn’t kept up either. I’m excited about another US supplier with good quality & prices pretty much in line with other filament manufacturers. Can’t wait to check it out next time I’m running low.

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I also use exclusively IID Max filament so far PLA+. Can’t resist the price and the quality is great. I can use the same settings for every color though some will require a little tweaking for precision parts. I have mostly been printing 3D Catan game pieces…