Warning: avoid installing linux package updates on SV07

Hello all - I wanted to write a quick warning about running any OS package updates on your SV07. Specifically, it appears there is an update to the kernel from 5.16.20 to 6.1.11. I didn’t notice this kernel update in the list, but the next time I rebooted the printer, I kept seeing an error in Fluidd “MCU ‘rpi’ error during config: Unable to open spi device”, and the screen itself stayed black.

After a considerable amount of research, it appears the Serial Peripheral Interface (spi) drivers that came with the new kernel didn’t include the driver specific to the SPI port on the screen (the white port that the accelerometer plugs into).

In order to fix this, I had to comment out the adxl345 and resonance_tester sections from my printer.cfg file. Luckily I’d already done the resonance testing for my printer, so these are not particularly necessary for myself any more, but if this is still a feature you want to utilize, then definitely don’t update the OS kernel right now. If, like me, you already did the resonance testing, then just know you’ll have to remove those sections of your printer.cfg in order to update this.

TL;DR: Don’t carelessly update OS packages like I did

Thanks for the post. I made the same mistake on my SV06+ with klipper screen. This fixed one problem. Now if I could just figure out how to turn the screen and webcam back on.