Using a Prusa dual colour/extruder mod on a sovol sv06

I’ve heard that the sv06 is very simalar to a prusa (either mk4 or mk3 I’m not sure about the naming) and I’ve seen some prusa mods for two colours on a printer that normally has one. I was wondering if any of these mods would work on a sovol sv06?

Are you talking about the “change filament and color on layer X” thing, or about something else?

I mean like having two colours on each layer like a dual colour printer could do

Well, Prusa doesn’t have a “dual color extruder”. There’s 3 things that you might be referring to:

  • The Prusa XL has up to 5 print heads and an automatic tool changer. You absolutely won’t get that. :slight_smile:
  • The Prusa MMU is a filament changing add-on, very similar to the Bambu AMS. It will only work with Prusa printers, though.
  • You can define “virtual extruders” in the Prusa Slicer. The result will be that the printer will automatically pause on each color change and you have to change the filament manually, which is quite the hassle - but it works with non-Prusa hardware just fine.

I saw a YouTube video who had a special extruder/nozzle thing for there prusa that allowed them too print two colours and mix them in each layer. I mean this sorta thing. Almost like the sv02

I can guarantee that Prusa does not have such a thing. If what you saw actually was a Prusa, that must have been one hell of a mod to do.

Oh ok. How hard would it be to do something using btt mixing hotend and two extruders to make dual colour prints?

Very. Even if you managed to get the hardware working, you’d still have to find or create a matching firmware.