Table size for the base?

Could someone tell me the distance between the legs on bottom? Easy to find the total size of the printer its self. But have not seen anywhere the size within the bottom legs? I understand it will over hang around 30" Sq. But would like to know the size of table it will take?
Looking forward to mine being delivered soon.

Theoretically a bottom area of 14.4" width x 17.2" length will be sufficient to place the base on a table in the middle of a room. However, taking into account that the SV04 has got moving parts you’ll need extra 6" of room to the back iot prevent the print bed from hitting a wall & some extra space in case that the SV04 moves itself slightly as a result of accelerating its moving parts.
To place the SV04 completely on a table you’ll need an area of 26.2" width x 26,8" length.

Thanks so much, its being delivered Friday. Knowing that my table will hold it easy.
Again Thanks

If you want that the all printer be on the table, you will need 27"x31".