T500 - very first print stuck to the plate, no way to get it off without damage

Just received my T500, calibrated it, printed the sample boat file and it came out allright.

Went to print my own part, which is essentially a 3"x5" plate, roughtly 1/4 inch thick. For some reason it started printing in the center, then the whole print shifted over to the right. I cancelled the print, but whatever has printed is stuck to the plate, there is no way to get it off. I tried with the included spatula, and accidentally made a big scratch in the surface of the bed. Whatever is left, there is no way I’ll get it off without completely damaging the plate. Any suggestions for me? See photo.

I used Orcaslicer, set it to 99% density, cubic for strength.

To get the print off…
remove the plate & put it on a table or something.
pour some IPA (isopropyl alcohol) around the print edges.
put a towel over the print & pour enough IPA until you cover the print.
let that soak an hour or two then try to remove the print.

yeah, same issue on my T500, the benchy boat ripped off the bottom layers and stayed connected no matter what I have attempted. Have never seen anything like it in my 7+ years of printing. I will give the suggestion above a go to see if I can save the pei sheet… fingers crossed.

Btw, here is my sheet. You can still see the benchy in the middle of another print that failed (x axis continually shifted backwards after the 70th layer for no good reason). Tried scraping off cold (as indicated in the manual) you can see all that did was make for shiny spots on the PEI.