SV06 GPIO and power for Pi4 Klipper

Does the mainboard on the SV06 have GPIO and power pins that can power a Pi4 running Klipper?

three endstop switches are still free (Inputs only)
the line for a runout sensor is routed to the print head. 3 pin mini JST 1.27mm
Maybe 2 IOs in the line to the display are unused.

The Z-sensor does not use a servo signal like the BL Touch, only 5v, GND and z-signal
But the 5-pin cable is routed to the head. (2x GND, 5V, Z signal, unused servo)
(I can’t say the pin order)

For the PI4 I use an external power supply.
But a stepdown 24V → 5V is also possible

I use Marlin and Octoprint

My idea was to get it working with a Pi4 and then try to find a Pi Zero 2 and mount it inside the case, but based on this info it will be better to stick to USB. Thank you.

There is no additional serial port. Unless you unsolder the serial IC and hack in a 3 volt serial port.
115200 baud works via USB. Per firmware I have 250000 baud.

Take a Pi Zerro_2W, 3A+, 3B, 3B+ or 4B with Quadcore
Or CM3, CM4 with adapter
The Raspberry 3A+ costs only €55

Raspi Zerro 1, Zerro 1W and Raspi 1, 2 are to slow

The housing for the mainboard is very tight. Better a separate housing for the PI because of WLAN

I have no experience with clippers
However, Octoprint runs on Buster Linux. At bullseye only with USB camera