SV06 - bed leveling temperature override print temperature if G29 called in start gcode

when printing using octoprint, G29 in start gcode changes temp to bed leveling temps (120/60). So, if i preheat the bed to 80C, when G29 is called, bed drops to 60C for the bed level and stays there for the print unless i add another reheat in the start gcode.

i see there are a lot of temperature calls in menu_bed_leveling.cpp. can a “if temperature is greater than leveling temp, do not change temp” be added?

thank you

not sure how to edit, but i found the true cause of the issue.

see this issue from marlin. probe.cpp needs some tweaks.

Unless you wish to run a one-off firmware version, this is something that the Sovol team would need to push into their branch.

Since this is new stuff to me, shouldn’t the print portion of the gcode be setting the nozzle and bed temperatures AFTER any leveling?

Yeah, they’d have to fix their firmware.

I read more of the notes and see that the confusion seems to just be over a constant name and a difference of opinions as to what it SHOULD mean … coders :slight_smile:

yep, i made a pr to cover commenting out “PREHEAT_BEFORE_LEVELING”