SV01 Homing Procedure, Why is it over the bed?

Hi everyone,

Recently bought a SV01 to go alongside my Ender 3, however I’m a bit confused about the SV01 homing position.

On my Ender 3, it homes in the front left corner just away from the bed (so the filament ozzing out misses the bed), lowers down until it hits the z switch, then raises a small amount and then moves onto the bed to start printing.

On my SV01, the way the x & y switches are set up means when it homes the nozzle cannot go outside of the bed (so the filament oozes down ONTO the bed instead), and when it lowers in the z direction it literally pushes the nozzle into the bed and cover itself in filament as it hits the z switch!

Either I’m missing something here or there’s been a massive oversight in the design department :joy:

Anybody else had this issue as I can’t find anything about it online?


May I have a pic or video? Thought it is better to understand