Some questions about Sovol SV06 Plus

Hello Sovol team and users! Recently I wanted to buy an FDM printer for printing a doll. The size of the doll is about 350350350 mm. After considering the price and performance, I am more interested in Sovol SV 06 Plus. How is everyone’s experience with it? How well does it reproduce some of the grain details of the doll? Do you have any other recommendations for a suitable product? ( I usually don’t use 3D printers very often, so I’d like to buy a moderately priced one)

scanned by myself with MIRACO 3D scanner.

It should print that fine (from what I can see of it), but it will be in only 1 color.

I like my SV06 Plus, it has never given me an issue.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I have seen some reviews on other platforms and most of the people are happy with this machine and I am considering getting it.