Pre-view the New Sovol SV06 PLUS 3D Printer

No rumors! Your Valentine the :point_right:Sovol SV06 Plus :point_left: is coming soon!:partying_face:
Have a first look at the SV06 PLUS and visit Sovol to get more news in the following days😎
Comment to let us know your thoughts!

I have to say that I’ve been very pleased with my SV06. I recognize that others have run into issues, but that’s just not been my case.

The one thing that I’ve recognized about the SV06 is the build capacity. As I start pushing more and more into advanced, functional part creation, this is the only thing that I’ve run into. If the SV06 Pro gives me 30% more build volume, this is a great next step for me.

I’ve a some growing pains with my SV06 due to being new to 3D printing. Now that I’ve worked out some kinks in my process, etc I’m getting excellent results from my unit. I’ve even felt empowered enough from the experience to have published my first design today!

That said… I am very disappointed in Sovol’s logistics/growth decisions. I’m sure that the PLUS variant will do well and be good for the company (Totally jealous of that screen btw). They really should have made replacements parts availability for the non-PLUS model a priority first though in my mind. I shouldn’t have to be waiting over a week to get a part for my existing unit (If the part was even in stock to begin with). I’m looking at you hotend, that seems to be unique to this model - such that I can’t even source a non-Sovol part.

Whine over. Sovol, I wish you guys well. On the whole, you’re doing good things and I’m pleased with my decision to get the SV06 vs other units I contemplated.

Hi @Timpraetor The SV06 Plus features a 300300340mm build volume, and we believe this could meet many people’s demand for large capacity!

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hi @Juhzuri Sorry to read about the inconvenience. Could you pls send a message to let us know if there is anything we can help with?

Is this version using a volcano style nozzle?

Hi @ImTheLiquor Thank you for asking. The thread length is the same as the volcano nozzle, but the nozzle shape is different.