Shut off fans on right extruder when only using left

I’m trying to figure out a way to shut down the fans on the right extruder when in single mode using only the left extruder. Has anyone tried the M107 P? command in the startup in Cura? I don’t know the designation of the P value for the fan on the right extruder. I don’t want to unplug them if I can avoid it.

Usually the M107 command requires a prior definition of fan indices via M106 commands. An explanation can be found here.
However, I doubt that the M107 command has been implemented properly in the Sovol stock firmware. A workaround is g-code command “M106 P1 S0” to set a speed of 0 for the right fan. Be aware that the behaviour of your SV04 will depend on its current printing mode. This issue has already been discussed here.

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