problem with speed and erratic motion in sv03

Dear friends help me, I already work with 3d printing so I have some experience, but this problem in sv03 is difficult for me.
the machine is new and in its first printing i identified irregularities in the walls of a circular geometry, these irregularities are not errors in gcode and are not in the stl, I noticed that the movement x, y and of the extruder were not uniform, this causes artifacts on the walls internal and external parts of the circular geometry of the part. I noticed that decreasing the speed a lot, the whole print becomes regular, but increasing the speed even more the defect increases much more. every physical mechanical movement is perfect, I believe that the defect is in the motherboard, which cannot read the gcode quickly and make the movement in time. Has anyone ever experienced this? see below the video I made, showing the defect, decreasing and increasing the speed. thanks!

please any tips? her default acceleration was at 500, going up to 2000 I managed to reduce this problem a lot (but still has a little) but now the problem is that the motor y loses step very easily because of the 2000 acceleration. any tips? Could it be a problem with the board or the power supply?