Password Form the SV07 Webacess


Is it possible to store a password for the SV07 on the Klipper website so that not everyone can access it? Thank you for your answers. Greetings Burkhard Kuesters

Once in the web interface, you can go to Settings > Authentication, then click Add User. Once set up, the next time you try to access the web interface, it should prompt you for the username/password you set up here

Be aware that the MKS Pi board has default ssh users “mks” and “root”; both of them have default password “makerbase”. This is not secret and potential attackers will know these common passwords, so you should change them in case something else inside your network is compromised.

UPDATE: there is also an account called “sovol”, I don’t know what the password is, but I guess that it’s standard and Sovol knows it. So you might want to change that too.

That is so that they can “keep track of the Printer use” 100% doesn’t data mine every device on your network like Tiktok app does.

The country that makes them doesn’t steal intellectual property or infiltrate governments to rig their results except for in Canada in the last two elections.

This is useful. Thanks!

I don’t see this option on my SV07PLUS. What should I do?