Nozzle Temperature for menu item "Change Filament" on SV05?

@sovol3d @Sovol.Claudia

Can someone tell me the nozzle temperature that the Sovol SV05 is heated up to when the “Change Filament” option on the SV05 control screen is selected?

I’m changing from PLA to PET-G and want to make sure the temp will be higher for the PET-G filament than it is for PLA.

Appreciate any help.

they may get back to you when they finish their vacation till 29th of this month

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hi @Danabw

PLA will work well at any temperature from 180 to 230 °C, but it prints best at around 210 °C.

PETG prints best on a bed with tape. If it is not available, the bed should be heated to 50 to 75 °C to ensure that the extruded filament runs smoothly. It requires a very high temperature for the nozzle, with nozzle temperatures between 220 and 250 °C.

Hope this info helps.

Thanks you for that information.

Can you tell me what temperature the “Change Filament” process on the menu heats the nozzle to?