Jerk and acceleration

Hi, everyone!
Is there anyone out there that can suggest which jerk and acceleration-settings that works for the sv05. I´m fairly new to the more advanced settings and I need some help because I´m getting ringing (and som e z-wobbling) on my prints…
Right now I´m using the standard settings in the printer: acceleration: 500/1000, jerk: 8.
Regards Nenne

Z wobble is likely caused by your z screw not being perfectly aligned or straight.

I’ve found my frame was a little wobbly and that caused some ringing. I would 1. tension the belts on the x and y axis. 2. consider printing corner braces to stiffen the frame (I used these: Ender 5 Stabilizers - Frame braces 2020 by dbltrbl023 - Thingiverse).

I think addressing the rigidity in your frame and having good belt tension first will help these issues more than adjusting your acceleration and jerk settings. Also check your v-wheels to make sure they are adjusted properly (a loose wheel will cause ringing).

Then, if these are taken care of, and you are printing fast (100mm/s or faster) these settings might come into play. At slower speeds like 60mm/s, these settings are likely not going to cause or resolve your print artifacts.

Good Luck!

P.S. CNC Kitchen on Youtube has some great videos on these settings and other topics. Worth a watch if you want to learn more.