How to remove glued in heatbreak from the extruder?

When i tried printing with my svo6 plus i got a blob of death but at the heatbreak not the nozzle, when i
cleaned it up i realized somehow my heatbreak snapped. I took the entire nozzle assembly off and now i have half of the heatbreak glued into the extruder and i don’t know how to get it out

Try a heat gun & a reverse thread bit.

It’s not glued in . It’s seized . I think I know what you did cause I did the same thing. I drilled it out very carefully and that what you going to have to do ,or just buy a new hotend and extruder .

I got the same issue. Did you manage to take it out?

I just bit the bullet and bought a new hotend but i’m willing to try to drill it out since there’s no consequence to doing it anyway