How do I add filament mid print

Running the sv04. Had a heck of a time leveling. But b its level half way thru my first decent print and im out of filament. Sensor triggered print paused. So im trying to add filament but there is no feed button. Ingot a window that said manually feed line but i can only force it but so much and then i hit print and it starts firing dry. Probably already ruined this print. But in the future WTF

Nvm that was it just hadnto force it in there

During the printing process, if the filaments are used up and you need to replace or add filaments, you need to control the machine to suspend printing through the screen. At this time, the nozzle and hot bed of the machine will have 3 minutes to maintain the temperature. You can replace the filaments during this period, and then Click to continue printing