Hot-end ribbon cable extension

I’m building an enclosure for my SVO6. I would like a little more length in the hot-end ribbon cable so I can have some options as to where to locate the electronics box. Anyone have any suggestions? I don’t know how these cables are measured so can’t even search Amazon for a cable of the same spec.

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IDC connector 2x13 pin 2mm pitch.
2x22 = 44 pin was used for 2.5 inch IDE hard disks. Then you need a cable with 1mm pitch. Have fun !

I would extend the cable between the mainboard and the black cable. Be careful though, if you do it wrong the magic smoke of dead electronic will rise.

but no female connector for cable

Thanks everyone for the info. Since I couldn’t find both male and female connectors easily and skipped making an extension for the hot-end cable. I found that by making the enclosure very close to the top rail and mounting the control box on top of the enclosure, the ribbon cable has enough length to reach everywhere without stretching.

I had to cut and extend the power cable from the control box to the bed and I used some stepper extension cables that I got from aliexpress. I was able to move both the power supply and control box outside the enclosure.

Pretty pleased with how it came out. It’s made out of 1/4 inch drywall painted with both regular paint and a fire-retardant coating.

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