Blower fan connector type

Does anyone know what kind of connection the fans on the hot end use? It’s smaller than an xh2.54 but I want to know for sure before I order a replacement.

Looks like this is kinda old but figured I’d reply in case anyone else was wondering.

The fans use a 2-pin JST connector with 1.25 pitch. I found several designs uploaded on printables to replace the part cooling fan with a 5015 fan. All the 5015 fans i saw have a 2-pin JST but with 2.5 pitch. So you’ll have to do some wire splicing no matter what. I just used solder but you could also use push in connectors or something like that.

Thanks for this info :grinning:

Do you know about any of the other connectors for the hotend? I believe the heater cartridge uses a JST PH 2.0. Is this correct?

Any ideas about the probe and thermistor?

I hooked up a 5015 blower fan to the hot end with 1.25MM 2-Pin Male and Female Connector Plug with Wires Cables, Jst Plug Connector purchased off Amazon
so two types of connectors on the hot end JST GH 1.25 and JST PH 2.0

All of the connectors are detailed on a Github page.