Blower fan connector type

Does anyone know what kind of connection the fans on the hot end use? It’s smaller than an xh2.54 but I want to know for sure before I order a replacement.

Looks like this is kinda old but figured I’d reply in case anyone else was wondering.

The fans use a 2-pin JST connector with 1.25 pitch. I found several designs uploaded on printables to replace the part cooling fan with a 5015 fan. All the 5015 fans i saw have a 2-pin JST but with 2.5 pitch. So you’ll have to do some wire splicing no matter what. I just used solder but you could also use push in connectors or something like that.

Thanks for this info :grinning:

Do you know about any of the other connectors for the hotend? I believe the heater cartridge uses a JST PH 2.0. Is this correct?

Any ideas about the probe and thermistor?