Filament Dryer specs and mods

What is the maximum temperature for the Sovol dual filament dryer? any mods you have done?

Hello Karl, the max temp for Sovol Filament Dryer is 50c. We haven’t done any mods yet.
But I found a mods from a customer. I will copy his words here, hope that help you.

Moss Rogers
I replaced the Teflon seal with a Bowden M6 coupling and a bit of tube for stress relief. The nut that attaches the seal to the dryer is compatible with an M6 coupling for an easy fit. Works great.

This dryer employs convection heating combined with desiccant to effectively dry spools of filament. Desiccant packs are not included but if you don’t use both desiccant and effective circulation with the fan you won’t get good results. Don’t be fooled by reviews written by fools.

Note: if you fill the enclosure to the brim with filament like is shown in the product images, the fan will be totally blocked off and will not be able to distribute heat with convection. You can feel it yourself; during a cycle the top of the spool will be cold while the bottom is hot. I recommend only drying two smaller spools or one larger spool, leaving the space in front of the fan unblocked so it can do its job. No, you can’t just cheat and rotate them mid-cycle.

The fan on my unit is very quiet and works well to move heat around the enclosure. The convection draws the heat out of the filament and by leaving a small gap in the hood early in the cycle, the escaping hot air will draw the bulk of the moisture out of the enclosure.

Towards the end of the cycle, add desiccant packs and seal the hood. The desiccant packs will reduce the humidity of the enclosure beyond what is possible with just heat. The sealed and dry enclosure will actively suck the remaining moisture out of the filament.

If you want your filament to actually be dry when you print with it then this method is the only one that will actively suck out the moisture that is tightly held in the filament. No amount of heating alone will produce the aridity needed to do this; desiccant, convection heat, and time is the only way to effectively suck the last of the moisture out. This may sound tedious but if you use a sub-optimal procedure you can only expect sub-optimal results.

I have only had this unit for a few days but it seems well-designed with good surface feel. It has a responsive interface that is not overly bright or noisy. Time will tell if it lasts. I wish they would make the silicone enclosure gasket a little thicker to give it a more positive pressure seal.

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