Cura 5.4 custom Gcodes to avoid bugs

Everyone that tried Cura 5.4 has discovered that the sliced files fails with the use of the right extruder (E1) in the SV-04 machines that use this extruder.
To avoid the problem we need to:
1.- modify the the custom starting Gcodes of each machine
2.- delete the custom Gcodes in the extruder flap, included in any of the machines. It’s mandatory delete it.
3.- modify or not the custom ending Gcode.

I attach now the custom startin gcode of the machine profiles. Copy and paste with any TXT editor (notepad, notepad+, etc).

Hope that they can help everybody. Be free for modify and improve them.

Sovol SV04 Dual Mode starting custom Gode:
SV04 Dual Mode - Starting Gcode.txt (520 Bytes)

Sovol SV04 Single Model 01 (left):
SV04 Single Mode 01 - Starting Gcode.txt (479 Bytes)

Sovol SV04 Single Mode 02 (right):
SV04 Single Mode 02 - Starting Gcode.txt (504 Bytes)

Ending custom Gcode, all machine’s profiles:
SV04 All machines - Ending Gcode.txt (323 Bytes)