Contradictory statements about printing close to the 300 temperature

Dear Claudia/Sovol3d support,

I’m pleasantly surprised to read in your email to me this morning “Please print at a temperature not greater than 300 degrees for 48 hours”. Unfortunately, this statement directly contradicts your prior emails, where you warn me it would damage the printer to print more than a few hours at the high range of the temps.

a) You warned me that only “a few hours” was possible at 300 (email from you on June 29th)

300 degrees Celsius is already the limit temperature of the machine, long-term printing at the limit temperature is certainly a problem, printing a few hours of the model is still possible, but it is not recommended to use 300 degrees Celsius to print for a long time.

b) it would “easily damage” the printer if I printed at 300 for more than “a few hours” (email from July 5th)

If you want to print at 300 degrees, you can, but this is the limit range, and the machine is easily damaged

c) printing at 300 for longer than a few hours requires a DIY upgrade (see June 29th email)

you can replace better accessories, power supply, nozzle hot end, but also need to modify the firmware for testing to print higher temperatures. We do not have better accessories for the time being, and you need to buy them yourself.

So, please confirm whether or not following your advice here to “print at a temperature not greater than 300 degrees” for 48 hours is safe, even without upgrading the power supply and the firmware?


Here is Sovol3d’s response. It’s both puzzling and telling that rather than resolve the contradictory information they have provided, they resort to a vague “it’s common sense”. I’m sorry, but I call BS. If it were common sense, it should be easy to specify what constitutes “a long time”. Will more than “a few hours” “easily damage” the SVO6 Plus or is printing at 300 for “48 hours is safe”.


I’m sorry for the late reply, because 300 degrees is our limit temperature, you can heat up to 300 degrees, but we do not recommend printing for a long time, because any machine in the extreme operation is easy to damage, this is common sense, no matter which brand or which machine you choose.

So if you want to print for a long time, you need to DIY upgrade, we can’t give you effective help for the time being.Hoping you could understand us. Thank you!

Here is the updated response from Sovol3d’s most senior engineer. So, 30 hours if printing at 300 with the electronics inside the enclosure, and no special limit if the electronics are outside the enclosure. Yay!

At present, we have verified that there is no failure in continuous printing at 300° for nearly 30 hours in the enclosure. Logically, controlling printing at 300° heating is the same as controlling printing at 200° heating. If you place the machine in an enclosure and print at a temperature of 300°, we recommend that you do not print parts for more than 30 hours. Because if the motherboard is kept at a high temperature for more than 30 hours, there may be driver error reports, chip heating problems and motherboard failure may occur if it needs to be cooled down. If you turn on the nozzle cooling fan, and the machine is not in the enclosure, there is no big limit.