Catastrophic Failure

Walked away during a print and it looks like the filament clogged and spewed out all over the hotend and hardened.

When trying to clear out the filament, it looks like I pulled the thermistor wires:

Is it possible to fix or replace just the thermistor, or do I need to buy a new hotend?

These will fit, wire is about 10mm longer.

If link goes to Hotbed, click on Hotend.

Nice, is it hard to remove the old one?

Since you broke a wire, you’ll have to use a heat gun to heat it up. But, shouldn’t be that difficult.

Nice, ordered a thermistor and a backup hotend from sovol. Hotend is shipping from china, so it’ll be a while…


As good a thread as any to jack…

What do we think about this custom volcano block with the “cross drilled for lightness” feature?

all the shenanigans with the mount screws I get, tech driven for smallest heat transfer to cold side possible,
but the rest, kinda odd

Wow I did thee same thing, luckily I had an extra block. Thx for the info! How do you reconnect? I do not see clearly where it goes.

If the failure or breakage was caused by the filament caking up as it looks like it did. I would reach ou to Sovol.

Heated it up and manged the clean most of the filament off of the hotend, but I can’t get the thermistor out. It feels like it’s glued down, I may try and chip it out, but not confident I wont destroy the hotend.

Even if I can remove it, I’m not sure I’ll be able to install a new one without the risk of it falling out?

There were some earlier posts about Sovol gluing in the SV06 parts, this is the 1st I’ve heard for the Plus…I thought they stopped.
I’m using my Plus right now, so I can’t look… there should be a grub screw that…besides the glue…that is holding it in.

EDIT: looking at your pic above, it should be the big screw towards the top.

Removed the screw, thought the same thing. Due to how the wires snapped off, I had to drill out the center of the thermistor, then pop the housing out using a micro screwdriver. Wasn’t screwed in, I mistook the ceramic filler for glue.

New thermistor is coming in today, so hopefully I’ll be able to put everything back together.

Replaced thermistor, re-assembled, ran PID autotuning and printing a benchy. Wish me luck!


Anyone know why all of my prints have an insane amount of stringing? Tried different filaments and seeing the same thing


That blue benchy looks like PETG to me, if it is…it’s could be:
1: Retraction Setting To High
2: Nozzle Temp Too Hot
3: Wet Filament

Same suggestions would be for PLA.

Both tests were with PLA. 3 days ago, there wasn’t as much stringing. I’ll run a few test prints and see if it’s just a matter of re-calibrating

Take the shroud back off & look for leaks…JMO

I just drilled out my broken wired thermistor. Now just getting heat errors!!

Ho hum.