Can the SV06 use 3rd party hotends?

Hi I just ordered the sv06 and this will be my first printer. I am looking at these forums now and am getting a little concerned but will wait for my own experience first. I am wondering if the hotend can be replaced with a revo v6 or other revo hot ends? I think this hot end may have less issues with heatcreep. Again I am new to 3d printing but have been reading a ton.

I know I could just edit my original post but I have been doing some research. Seems that the revo hot ends would not be a direct replacement. A component would need to be fabricated to allow the threaded nozzle to connect to the heatsink/direct drive housing since it uses a standard heatblock design. However I do not have the components here to test if the revo nozzle fits to the correct depth within the heatsink for the filament feeding from the drive gears. Might be an easy enough task though I will see when I get my printer next week. I plan to do a complete clean and grease of all moving parts before operating it as well so that will give me a chance to investigate the options.

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