Z Axis Lead Screw

Can someone let me know what replacement Z Axis lead screw I should get for my SV06 - I bought Creality T8 2mm pitch 4 start and they aren’t the same - wont go into the Zaxis nut. I then tried a few replacement nuts I have here and they dont fit the SOVOL rod?? Thanks

I’m sure the SV06 has 2mm pitch, 4 start, 8mm lead, lead screws (that duplicate lead is not a typo). Are you sure they’re a 4 start? Verify this visually.

You can learn about pitch and lead here.

They are T8 - 2mm Pitch - 4MM Lead - 2 Start - I got an answer from someone who replaced theirs - so not the same as a Creality. I confirmed by watching the Z axis motor coupling and did a ‘move’ on Z axis of 4 MM - it equaled one revolution of coupling. - I then did the same on my Ender and it took 8MM of movement for one revolution - I wish they were standard across printers LOL

Glad you figured it out.
In any case, it’s good news to me. 4mm lead is better than 8mm lead, if fine-tuning is what you’re after, and I am.