What Plastic Are the Plastic Parts?

I’m intending to build a high-temperature enclosure for my SV06. I’d like to know what the plastic components inside the SV06 are made of, in case I need to get these reprinted in a high-temperature plastic or potentially even CNC milled.

They are injection molded, nothing to worry about.

  1. Injection-molded isn’t a polymer.
  2. Yes, there is something to worry about if ambient temperature will be 100 degrees.

Well, good luck them…
I guess my Wham Bam Hotbox that I have seen 38C which is 100.4F & everyone using a Lack enclosure are doing things wrong.

To print with nasty PC’s, you really want to be able to get 100 deg C ambient. I’m building a vented desktop oven to do this. Hence, “will I melt my shit” type questions.

So, I spoke to Sovol support, the injection-molded parts are made with a ABS/PC mixture, this typically has two glass transition points at 110 and 150 deg C, with some variation upon the ratio.

The mixture is a good choice because you can use relatively cold molds but get a relatively resilient plastic. Barring additives which can lower these transition temperatures - Youngs modulus remains fairly stable below 100 deg C, of course, parts will wear out quicker.

Currently on the line for the exact plastic used, but as a rule of thumb, this is probably fine.